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Why the Philippines?

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Surigao Location Map
  • Located in the Pacific "Ring of Fire", the Philippines is one of the most prolifically mineralized countries in the world, globally ranking third in gold resources, fourth in copper and fifth in nickel.

  • Tremendous remaining potential for additional discoveries, since, despite it's vast mineral wealth, the Philippines has seen little modern exploration.

  • The Philippines provides a natural gateway to other Asia Pacific economies, particularly China, with its voracious demand for metals.

  • The Philippines has a stable and democratic government and a free market economy.
  • A change in government policy from tolerance of mining to active promotion with the issue of Executive Order No. 270, in January 2004, setting the National Policy Agenda on Revitalizing Mining in the Philippines.

  • 100% foreign ownership allowed following the December 2004, Supreme Court decision abolishing all legal obstacles to the implementation of the Philippine Mining Act of 1995.

  • The Philippines has an attractive structure of tax incentives and guarantees repatriation of the earnings and capital of foreign investors.