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Why Invest in Mindoro?

Welcome to Mindoro Investor Relations. In the current market, we believe our company offers a compelling investment story. For your consideration, we have provided some investment highlights below under the heading "Why Invest in Mindoro?"

Why Invest in Mindoro?To learn more about Mindoro and its progress, please read through our website. If you can't find what you are looking for or if you have any questions please email ir@mindoro.com, or telephone one of the following:

Australia: Jon Dugdale Tel: +61 3 9614 5055
Canada: Jeanny So, CHF Investor Relations, Tel: +1 416 868 1079 ext. 225
Jeremy Hill, CHF Investor Relations, Tel: +1 416 868 1079 ext 238
Germany: Robert Sarcher, Aprendo Capital, Tel: +49.821.6089051

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