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Share Structure
As at December 3, 2014  
Exchange & Symbol: TSXV: MIO
Frankfurt: OLM
Issued & Outstanding: 297,437,399
Fully Diluted: 366,513,977
52 week high/low: $0.055 / $0.015

2017 2016 2015 2014 2013
Q4 Report   1.4Mbpdf 1.4Mbpdf 750Kbpdf 964Kbpdf
Q3 Report 501Kbpdf 827Kbpdf 543Kbpdf 534Kbpdf 417Kbpdf
Q2 Report 1.5Mbpdf 1.4Mbpdf 568Kbpdf 611Kbpdf 354Kbpdf
Q1 Report 497Kbpdf 569Kbpdf 553Kbpdf 608Kbpdf 367Kbpdf

2012 2011 2010 2009
Annual Financials 427Kbpdf 436Kbpdf 519Kbpdf 1.01Mbpdf
Q3 Report 860Kbpdf 254Kbpdf 447Kbpdf 536Kbpdf
Q2 Report 340Kbpdf 434Kbpdf 420Kbpdf 1.32Mbpdf
Q1 Report 277Kbpdf 236Kbpdf 413Kbpdf 2.46Mbpdf

2008 2007 2006 2005
Annual Report 9.49Mbpdf 3.16Mbpdf 3.46Mbpdf 6.77Mbpdf
Annual Financials 1.07Mbpdf 1.07Mbpdf 1.07Mbpdf 261Kbpdf
Q3 Report 608Kbpdf 316Kbpdf 344Kbpdf 148Kbpdf
Q2 Report 255Kbpdf 358Kbpdf 179Kbpdf 127Kbpdf
Q1 Report 370Kbpdf 401Kbpdf 158Kbpdf 458Kbpdf

2004 2003 2002
Annual Report 4.08Mbpdf 1.52Mbpdf 790Kbpdf
Annual Financials 171Kbpdf 373Kbpdf 182Kbpdf
Q3 Report 108Kbpdf 166Kbpdf 239Kbpdf
Q2 Report 101Kbpdf 354Kbpdf 405Kbpdf
Q1 Report 124Kbpdf 354Kbpdf 184Kbpdf

Our regulatory filings are available on Canada's electronic filing system for public companies (SEDAR). Click here to view.

Please note that Acrobat Reader is required to view financial report PDFs. Download Acrobat Reader for free if needed.