Environmental and Social "Licence to Operate"

Environmental and Social Overview

Mindoro is committed to socially and environmentally responsible exploration and development, designed to identify and develop economic mineral deposits that will provide lasting social and financial benefits to Mindoro's stakeholders, including our employees, our partners, and the local communities in which we work.

Community and Environment

Mindoro's social and environmental "licence to operate" is built on over 15 years of developing relationships with local communities and government at all levels. The company's tract record of social and environmental management has been recognised via several awards and verified through investment by the International Finance Corporation (IFC) for which this area is a particular focus. We remain committed to a social and environmental program that meets all IFC performance standards.

Most importantly Mindoro's relationships and environmental tract record have been built at the local community level. Mindoro recognizes that any successful exploration and development venture must have the support of those local inhabitants whose daily lives are most affected by our activities. Accordingly, Mindoro strives to involve communities in its explorative and development activities through training and employment programs and to keep them fully informed about our activities to the maximum possible extent.

Community engagement policies are directed at establishing a solid, long-term relationship with local communities founded on fairness, trust and transparency; and encouraging communities to become active partners in the development of the mineral resources found in their areas. During the 14 years that Mindoro has operated exploration programs in the Philippines the company has developed a strong Community Relations program and Environmental Management System (EMS), particularly focused in the Surigao and Batangas areas.

Our commitment to environmental management is supported by the communities' full participation in the implementation of our environmental policies. Mindoro's commitment to responsible exploration and development is pro-people, pro-environment and pro-sustainable development. Mindoro continues to enjoy the strong acceptance and support from its host communities.