Social Responsibility

Building Productive Relationship

We are committed...

Mindoro recognizes that any successful exploration venture must have the support of those local inhabitants whose daily lives are most affected by our activities. Mindoro's community engagement and social development policies are directed at establishing a solid, long-term relationship and encouraging communities to become active partners in the development of the mineral resources found in their areas.

We do it the community way...

Stakeholder engagement is a vital component of all stages of Mindoro's exploration activities. Mindoro believes that success hinges on its ability to build a strong and rewarding relationship with community-partners. Transparent and collaborative efforts are therefore built into Mindoro's social engagement strategies.

Mindoro anchors its stakeholder engagement on four important principles: identification with the community-partners; effective Information, Communication and Education (ICE) campaigns; transparency; and social development programs.

Identification with the local communities requires being embedded within the community. Mindoro's Social Management staff is immersed in the communities where they are assigned. Community immersion and networking with various sectors such as the local government units, government line agencies, private entities, non-government organizations and people's organizations are important approaches in the engagement process. Community profiling and environmental mapping are carried out to determine basic social and environmental data. Through community immersion, Mindoro is able to understand the main concerns of communities and design social and environmental programs that systematically address these concerns.

Mindoro has implemented the Community Technical Working Group (CTWG) system in cooperation with local government units and non-government organizations, including representatives from business and the church. This multi-sector group, formed in the spirit of transparency and volunteerism, is primarily tasked to monitor the exploration activities of the Company in terms of their social and environmental impacts. Moreover, since it is composed of a wide representation of the various sectors within a community, it has become an avenue by which issues and concerns of the community are raised, discussed, and resolved. The CTWG provides valuable input into the communities and has acted as Mindoro's partner in planning and implementing the company's extensive community development programs. There are currently twenty CTWGs organized within Mindoro's various permit areas.

In consultation with the communities themselves, Mindoro has launched and assists with social development programs that focus on improving economic, education, health, and social well-being of its community-partners within budget constraints and dictates.

Social Development Milestones

Some of the milestones Mindoro has accomplished in the area of social development include; for education, Mindoro partnered with the Department of Education in the implementation of the "Adopt-a-School" Program, which benefits five elementary schools on the Agata Project, as well as a scholarship program that benefits many high school students on the Archangel Project. Mindoro also implements the Computer Literacy Program to accommodate Mindoro scholars, out-of-school youth, teachers, and other locals. This is a program of which Mindoro is especially proud; utilizing the Company's computer equipment and the education skills of its staff, Mindoro is able, at low-cost, to introduce these skills into remote communities with a paucity of such high tech skills and assets.

The host Indigenous People (IP) community on the Agata Project was the venue of a capacity building and enhancement program presented through the collaborative efforts of the Canadian Embassy, National Commission on Indigenous Peoples (NCIP), other concerned government agencies, and Mindoro.

Another low cost but high impact program, once again driven by the educational skills of Mindoro's staff is the vegetable gardening program, "Food Always in the Home (FAITH) Program" in various barangays on the Agata Project. Participating families are now harvesting their produce.

Since it started work in the Philippines in 1997, Mindoro has also supported its host communities and local government units with small infrastructure programs; such as road construction, building barangay and municipal centers, day care and health centers, water reticulation projects, school rooms, and assisted in many socio-cultural projects.

What we sow we reap...

By consistently applying and improving its social development and environmental management programs, Mindoro continues to enjoy strong acceptance and full support from its host communities.

Please visit the website of our Philippine subsidiary, MRL Gold Phils Inc., for a more detailed discussion of the social and environmental activities of the company: